Prosave is a consultancy company specialised in technical safety and loss prevention.


Technical safety involves occupational safety, safety of machinery, evaluation of the use of related standards and risk assessments including SWIFT, FMEA and HAZOP.


Prosave provides also a comprehensive, single-source SEMI S2, S8 and S14 assessment and CE Marking service.


Loss prevention focuses on a technical audit on fire hazards and equipment hazards. We provide you a detailed study of the hazards exposing your facility.

A technical audit may help you to make the right choice when you are looking for acquisitions.


Our joint team of qualified engineers can perform the needed risk-based assessment on site. Our team members are heavily experienced in electrical/mechanical safety, chemical exposure assessments and other areas of expertise required by the European regulations and the SEMI S2 Guideline. 


Prosave is based in Belgium, at the centre of the European Union, to provide you local full customer satisfaction support.  






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